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Catermatch Solutions Limited

Client Temporary Recruitment

Our recruitment teams are available to provide temporary and contract chef cover within a minutes notice.

At any point throughout the day, evening or weekend you can call the Catermatch Solutions ‘out of hours’ mobile on 07725 764 718 and we will endeavour to get you the best chef cover available at that time. Our temporary chefs are available for a minimum of five hours work, or can be booked for ongoing assignments, which ever your staffing needs dictate. All our temporary chefs will have been thoroughly interviewed by our consultants and references will have been requested and sourced. We use the following points as a way of ensuring we only send you the highest quality staff

  • Catermatch Solutions Registration Interview
  • Catermatch Solutions References
  • Repeat Bookings
  • Client comments / Experiences
  • Clients may also ask to see the chef before the booking or may include a telephone interview.

Hourly Fee

You pay Catermatch Solutions an hourly rate depending on the level of the chef which will be agreed before the chef arrives. We will pay the chef, their tax, NI and annual leave. Each chef will be processed through Catermatch Solutions pay roll and employer’s tax will also be paid to HMRC.

Weekly Contract

We will provide you with a chef. You pay the chef through your payroll as an employee and pay Catermatch Solutions a fixed weekly fee for the provision of the chef.

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