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Catermatch Solutions Limited


In order to thrive in todays economic climate, we all need to find innovative ways of cutting costs and driving efficiencies.

Organisations of all sizes are facing increasing pressure to deliver more for less and as a recruitment partner it is our role to help you achieve this. Catermatch Solutions Ltd offers services that have been specifically created to allow all of our client’s access to the best talent through the most efficient means.

Essentially, a managed service with Catermatch is the process whereby the burden of recruitment is outsourced to a single recruitment partner who oversees the entire supply chain. The benefits of this are considerable and include cost savings, increased visibility and control, reduced time and better talent attraction. Traditionally these benefits have only been made available to organisations with large recruitment needs. Using our modular approach, Catermatch Solutions Ltd differentiates from our competitors by removing these volume restrictions and offering the benefit of a dedicated recruitment partner to any organisation, regardless of size.

Critical to our ability to do this has been the design and development of our databases. Taking into account both the positive and negative aspects of the recruitment systems that were already available in the market we have developed an online system that has the flexibility to best meet the individual needs of our clients.

Key Benefits:

Using Catermatch Solutions Ltd can:

  • - Reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with your recruitment
  • - Maximise the quality of the talent available to your organisation
  • - Minimise the time and effort you need to put into the recruitment process
  • - Ensure you know who is taking on staff, what they are recruiting to and how much it is costing your organisation

As a leading industry specialist in the North West we understand that no two organisations are the same. In order to deliver the most effective means of driving forward efficiencies, we always undertake thorough discovery and scoping exercises which allow us to offer a solution that is tailored to individual needs. As a medium sized business, we have the flexibility to be able to adapt our products and services including our account management, payment structures and online booking system in order to fit easily within your organisation regardless of its’ size.

Equally, our size means that each and every account is important to us, ensuring that we go the extra mile to deliver the best results.

To find out more about how Catermatch Solutions can help your organisation email info@catermatch.co.uk
or call 0161 920 9655 / 07976 409211 to speak to a member of our team.

  • - Permanent Recruitment
  • - Temporary Recruitment Options
  • - Contracted Relief Cover
  • - Database Search and Selection
  • - Executive Search and Selection
  • - Targeted Head Hunts
  • - Benchmark Activities
  • - Salary Surveys
  • - Salary Profiles
  • - Recruitment Advertising Packages
  • - Recruitment Outsourcing
  • - Recruitment Solutions

Permanent Recruitment

Catermatch Solutions will source the right Candidates to suit your company. We will pre-screen...

Temporary Recruitment

Our recruitment team is available to provide temporary and contract cover within a minute’s notice.